We license FinTech products – from payments to core banking and issuing – for businesses in retail, health, finance, national payments, travel, entertainment, energy, microfinance and more…

Traderoot’s FinTech products

Traderoot offers a broad range of products throughout the payments and issuing spectrum, including our Payment Service Provider – Channel and Payment Service Provider – Acquirer, our Card Management Solution and our Universal Issuing Platform. We work together with card associations and payment regulators, and have a well-established footprint of clients. We license products across the entire value chain, from payments to core banking and issuing, both on a traditional licensing model and by offering a managed services platform as a service to clients. We offer the methods of licensing FinTech solutions, either on a hosting basis or through an on-premises licence, in the following three areas.


We offer FinTech solutions that enable our clients to manage the entire issuing process.



We license solutions that cover all aspects of the merchant payment process and relationship.



Our B2B solutions enable all areas of the billing and reconciliation process.



Traderoot’s BaaS solution offers agile, modern technology, hosted in a secure environment, that is perfectly suited to large financial institutions.



Understanding the technical jargon in the FinTech industry can be a challenge.

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