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Traderoot is a strategic financial software development company that provides advanced, global, PCI PA-DSS certified and validated payment solutions which leverage the latest technology to provide direct business benefits.

The Emerging Giant of the Fintech Industry

Discover how Traderoot’s lading edge technology and decades of fintech experience are poised to enable the disruptors of the global financial system.

Perfecting and Protecting Commerce

Traderoot is a strategic fintech development company that offers solutions that cross the entire value chain of financial systems, ranging from e-commerce payments to core banking and issuing. Our solutions are used in diverse vertical markets, including payment processors, financial institutions, microfinance providers, fintech companies, national and regional payment systems, mobile network operators, lenders, and the retail, energy, health, travel and entertainment sectors. Our motto is Perfecting and Protecting Commerce, and our aim is to be standard-bearers for payments and issuing globally.

About Traderoot

Traderoot offers a broad range of products throughout the payments and issuing spectrum, including our Payment Service Provider – Channel and Payment Service Provider – Acquirer, our Card Management Solution and our Universal Issuing Platform. We work together with card associations and payment regulators, and have a well-established footprint of clients throughout the world. We license solutions across the entire value chain, from payments to core banking and issuing, both on a traditional licensing model and by offering a managed services platform as a service to clients.

Our Global Presence

Traderoot operates and licenses leading-edge FinTech solutions all over the world. Click on a location to link to the regional website.

Our Global Presence
Payments Ecosystem
Traderoot Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce the high costs associated with legacy systems using strong reconciliation and matching tools

Traderoot Security

Highly Secure

Our products are PCI PA-DSS 3.2, EMVCo and 3-D Secure compliant, and support Mastercard and Visa m-commerce platforms

Traderoot Omnichannel


Improve customer experience anywhere, anytime, through any channel, using any payment method

Traderoot Flexibility


Complete flexibility around cryptocurrencies, tokens, new payment technologies, new payment types and payment channels

Traderoot plays a pivotal role in the global payments and issuing ecosystem

Traderoot Product Placement 2022

Client testimonial

“Traderoot went over and above to build a custom solution to ensure the project remained on track and eliminated the need for a banking partner. This reduced delays and kept the project on track as a viable solution for Old Mutual.

During the entire process of implementing the solution, Traderoot was very consultative and the relationship continues to this day. Despite the complexity of the solution, Traderoot has succeeded in bringing their knowledge and expertise to the table to deliver a world-class product.

As such, Old Mutual has been able to offer a first-of-its-kind service to its customers.”

Testimonial from Traderoot client, Old Mutual


Understanding the technical jargon in the FinTech industry can be a challenge.

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