Traderoot explores the merchant payments ecosystem and outlines some of the key topics surrounding it.


What is the Merchant Payments Ecosystem?

The merchant payments ecosystem refers to the ecosystem which is made up of various products and solutions that interact with each other to ensure a smooth payment process between a merchant and a customer.

Some of Traderoot’s core products are focused around improving the merchant payments ecosystem.


What is a Merchant?

A merchant is a company or individual who sells a service or goods. A merchant is any business or individual that accepts credit or debit card payments from their clients either in-person or online.

When a consumer makes a purchase at a store using their credit or debit card, a merchant sends the details of the transaction to the acquiring bank of the merchant. That bank, in turn, sends the information to the issuing bank of the card holder using a network that is run by the card association. The cardholder will be billed for the amount that is owed to the merchant. The bank will then either approve or decline the charge.

At Traderoot, our financial technology includes card issuing, payment switching, merchant management services, wallets, vouchers, store of value ledgers and core accounts.


Embedded Finance and Payment Solutions

Embedded finance facilitates the integration of financial services for almost any merchant. This helps streamline access to financial services without having to divert a customer to a third-party organisation. Through embedded finance, a business can integrate financial services directly onto its website or mobile app, making it easier for their customers to access the services they need, directly when they need them.

This payment solution enables consumers to skip traditional checkout processes and simply pay with a single click of a button. These payment options are embedded within non-payment apps or websites and allow non-banks to accept payments.

With embedded payments, merchants can essentially become their own payment facilitators. This is done by embedding payments directly into their own products, thus improving the customer journey by making the checkout process both simple and quick.

Traderoot provides various white label embedded payment solutions including:

Traderoot UIP – Core Account: Underlying platform for issuing solutions.

Traderoot Payment Pages: An online payment system that enables your merchants to accept payments on their websites.

Traderoot’s Payment Services Provider – Acquirer: this is an all-in-one solution that can acquire, authenticate and route transactions across multiple channels in real time.

Traderoot’s Payment Services Provider – Channel this solution can ensure easy POS system integration and real-time transaction processing.

Traderoot makes it easy for fintechs to provide core banking services without having to fork out millions of Euros to build the required products themselves. Our ready-made, ready to scale software ensures bespoke customer commuting,” says Daniel Templeman, Director at Traderoot.


At Traderoot, we know the payments ecosystem is forever changing and evolving. We’re here to enable the fintech evolution. We work with banks, merchants, fintech and other financial institutions to provide advanced business solutions. We build and licence payment solutions outside of the traditional payments ecosystem. We provide cutting-edge plug and play solutions, and licence advanced business solutions for leading fintech companies, including our open and closed issuing, acquiring, payment and reconciliation services.

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