It is no longer a question of “if” the future of banking will be digital. This was made abundantly clear by the Covid-19 pandemic which caused customer expectations to completely shift towards a demand for digital financial services. At Traderoot, we know that the future of banking is digital and our solutions can help your bank move into the digital age.

In the context of Europe, the opportunity for technological innovation within the banking sector is apparent, as many of the legacy systems that dominate this established markets are being upgraded and improved by fintech innovations.

“This presents a remarkable opening for either the incumbents or challengers across the continent to quickly grow market share as this demand for digital and inclusive products and services grows,” says Traderoot CEO, Jan Ludik. “Traderoot works closely with banks across the globe to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that enable them to shift from traditional banking systems to more efficient digital processes and solutions.”

Traderoot’s Fintech solutions have the ability to help banks automate countless manual processes, increasing efficiency, enabling more strategic allocation of resources, reduced costs, and decreased human errors. Our modular fintech products can help banks deploy these solutions more quickly and at a lower cost than if they were to try to develop these solutions themselves.

Below, we explore a few of Traderoot’s solutions that can help banks move into the digital age.

Traderoot’s Universal Issuing Platform

Traderoot’s Universal Issuing Platform allows for full integration of a wide range of payment solutions – ATM, POS, m-commerce and e-commerce, to provide omni-channel payment options.

The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account supports the full range of products – core accounts, transaction accounts, credit accounts and prepaid card accounts. It can also manage loyalty points and reward card profiles, and it can manage e-wallets through the use of mobile phones or virtual cards.

The UIP–Core Account also gives you the tools to deliver and manage card products for your customers using an intuitive user interface. This includes managing the cardholder status throughout the card lifecycle. The UIP–Core Account integrates with external card management systems, which store the card profiles, in order to maintain the cardholder profile.

Traderoot’s Payment System Operator

Traderoot’s Payment System Operator (PSO) seamlessly centralises payment and settlement for all payment streams. The Traderoot PSO solution is a tried and tested solution for Automated Clearing Houses (ACHs) that need to perform clearing and settlement between participating institutions for multiple payment streams. Each payment stream can be transmitted, processed, cleared and settled according to its own set of rules, regardless of whether the stream is real-time or batch-based.

For example, this solution can provide segregated, parallel clearing and settlement for Point of Sale card transactions, ATM transactions, interoperable wallets, cash and cheque transactions and all types of EFT transactions, including debit orders and credit transfers. The transactions can be transmitted directly or through highly configurable ETL (extract-transform-load) processes.

Business to Business – Billing and Reconciliation Engine

The Traderoot Billing and Reconciliation Engine is the ideal solution for corporate banking operators and large-scale retail corporates who need a trusted framework for procurement, remittance and transaction settlement.

Using a variety of external billing data, the Billing and Reconciliation Engine can reconcile, transfer funds, calculate fees, determine schedules for invoicing, collection and remittance, and ensure that all parties involved in the billing process automatically receive the relevant financial documents.

The Billing and Reconciliation Engine forms a perfect integration layer between ERP and payment systems. You can use it to automate all the account receivables and payables throughout your entire supply chain.

Is your bank ready to move into the digital age? Traderoot is proudly assisting banks and other financial institutions with just that. Take a look at our solutions to learn more about our service offering or email us on