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(B2B, B2C, P2X) solutions across the entire value chain of payments, core banking and issuing.
We support all markets including retail, health, financial institutions, national payment platforms, energy, travel & entertainment, microfinance and more...


Perfecting Commerce

Traderoot Technologies is a strategic e-commerce company that licenses advanced business solutions that enhance cash flow and boosts productivity using the Powered by Traderoot seal. This ensures a direct and expeditious route for e-commerce payments, limiting exposure to malicious activity and surpassing the highest levels of international security certification.


The Universal Issuing Platform from Traderoot Technologies supports a full range of card products: credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards, corporate or personal cards, travel or gift cards, loyalty and reward cards. It also has the functionality to manage and support virtual cards and e-wallets.

Traderoot's Universal Issuing Platform streamlines the launch of new card products. With the easy-to-use issuing software, you can launch new products ahead of your competition and ensure that you are always giving your customers the best product for their needs.

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Traderoot Technologies' Billing Engine is the ideal solution for corporate banking operators as well as large-scale retail corporates who need a trusted framework for procurement, remittance and settlement transactions.

Using a variety of external billing data, the Billing Engine can reconcile accounts, transfer funds, calculate fees, determine schedules for invoicing, collections and remittances, and ensure that all parties involved in the billing process receive the relevant financial documents automatically.

The Billing Engine forms a perfect integration layer between ERP and commerce systems. You can use it to automate all the account receivables and payables throughout your entire supply chain.

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Integrated payment acquiring across all channels

As the world demands more electronic payment methods and as more payment options for your merchants’ customers evolve, you need a product that provides secure, reliable and scalable payment acquiring.

Retailers want to be able to accept any tender by whichever method suits customers best at checkout at the time – card, QR code or token, mobile, or online. Retailers also want a single, real-time view of their transactions and the fastest possible settlement window, with statements.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce high costs associated with legacy systems using strong reconciliation and matching tools

Highly Secure

PCI-PA DSS 3.2, EMVco and 3D secure compliance, supports Mastercard and Visa m-commerce platforms


Improve customer experience anywhere, anytime via any channel using any payment method.


Complete flexibility around crypto, tokens, new payment technologies, payment type and payment channel

Old Mutual
Traderoot went over and above to build a custom solution to ensure the project remained on track and eliminated the need for a banking partner. This reduced delays and kept the project on track as a viable solution for Old Mutual.

During the entire process of implementing the solution, Traderoot was very consultative and the relationship continues to this day. Despite the complexity of the solution, Traderoot has succeeded in bringing their knowledge and expertise to the table to deliver a world class product.

As such, Old Mutual has been able to offer a first of its kind service to its customers in South Africa.
Old Mutual
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